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Last longer in bed

Forsamax helps you last longer in bed

Many men often talk about their long sex nights without rest but only few do on those days when things did not go so well. Most men have already had problems to last the desired amount of time in bed and fully satisfy their partner. If this happens frequently, you can start calling it premature ejaculation.

Some kind of products as Forsamax could help you to have longer lasting erections and last all night long. The natural enhancer is the best solution to get more vigorous erections. Our Brazilian formula is composed of natural ingredients such as maca, cinnamon or rhodhiola that also contribute to your health. It's easy to know how to last longer in bed with Forsamax.


How to last longer in bed

Self-confidence problems or inability to maintain the erection are the most common causes preventing from lasting longer in bed. As you know, women and men don't act the same way during sexual relationships and sometimes the man can’t maintain his desire and ends before the woman has reached her orgasm.

Maintaining a cold mind is one of the keys to last in bed all night long, but recent studies have demonstrated that some pills like Forsamax could help to last longer in bed, especially if they are combined with some exercises.

The partner is also a very important factor so don’t be embarrassed to talk with her about your problems and try to find a solution together. If you feel more confident with her, you will be more secure during your relations and it could help you to last longer in bed.


Exercises to last longer in bed

Stop-start technique

Start stimulation, but as soon as you feel you’re getting too aroused, stop for a brief moment (5-10 seconds) and let your arousal reduce. After repeating this technique a few times, feel free to go ahead.


Squeeze technique

As soon as you feel you’re getting close, stop stimulation and squeeze right below the head of your penis. Focus the pressure on the urethra—the tube running along the underside of the penis—because this will temporarily repress your ejaculatory response. Once your arousal has gone down, repeat a few more times before reaching climax.


Forsamax and these exercises will help you to go all night and enjoy more your sexual relations.


6 tips to last longer in bed

If you are reading this article it is probably because you are looking for a solution to last longer in bed. In this article we give you some tips on how to control that 'critical moment' before the sexual relation ends as you ejaculate when you don't really want to.

1) Take your time for masturbation

The advice is simple: masturbate before having sex. Yes, we know you have heard that before, but you have to trust us: it really works.

An important point is that it only works if you do it the right way. We mean that if you use masturbation as a quick solution when you are excited, it can backfire and worsen the problem. Why? Your body will get used to have quick short orgasms. And this is exactly the opposite of what you are looking for to solve your premature ejaculation problems.

The secret to make this technique useful is to keep yourself close to the ejaculation point but trying not to do it. Everytime you feel you will ejaculate, stop and reduce the movement and the penetration strength. Try this few times before reaching the final climax and finish the sexual act with an ejaculation.

2) Go for a second round          

Usually men who suffer from premature ejaculation are able to last longer in bed for a second round. Yes, it means that after the first round you should stay awake and go for a second one. Usually women like to have sex for the second time, so try not to use all your energy in the first act.

3) Let your mind go away

Some men say they are able to last longer in bed when they think about something else when they are getting close to that 'critical moment'. This means that when they feel the 'point of no return' is soon to be reached, they start thinking about something else. The most popular themes to think about are: some number table or the alignment of your favorite soccer team.

It is recommended not to do that for every sexual relations because although it allows you to last longer in bed, you will be less focused on the pleasure of the sexual act itself.

4) Previous game: for you and for her

The foreplay is something that all women like -and men usually try to skip-. But think about it twice next time, before you go directly to the point. The foreplay could be your best ally to improve your sexual relations.

Prolonging the preliminaries will make your partner think that the sexual relation did last longer. And when you penetrate her, the time required for her to to orgasm will be shorter. Then, you can reach it together.

Remember that with this technique, you are not retarding your ejaculation, you are simply making your sexual relations have a greater duration.

5) Retarding effect gels

Those gels for premature ejaculation reduce the penis sensitivity. They are applied on the penis few minutes before having sexual relations. They reduce the sensitivity in this area and allow you to last longer in bed.

Those gels are the perfect complement while you are following a premature ejaculation treatment.

6) Last Longer in bed natural pills

Premature ejaculation pills are the most famous and most used treatment for men. The main benefit of the pills is the duration of their effects -some pills can be active for as long as 48 hours-.

There are a lot of different pills on the market, but the best are the natural pills which are made with 100% natural ingredients. These pills don't have any side effects for men or their partner thanks to their natural ingredients.

You can see in other sections of Forsamax website ways to learn how to overcome premature ejaculation.