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How does the Forsamax Pill work?


Forsamax is based on a natural formula for male enhancement. Our pills are made of aphrodisiac and vasodilatory ingredients - but the most important thing is that they are 100% natural. Our mission is to offer a natural pill for male enhancement while always respecting the greatest quality standards.

Forsamax effects are noticeable one hour after taking one capsule. Its natural ingredients create a vasodilator effect on men's intimate parts and, in combination with its aphrodisiac capabilities, it improves male enhancement, producing bigger erections in order to last longer in bed and feel more satisfied with your sexual relations.

Being worried about how to last longer in bed is over thanks to Forsamax. With our healthy and effective pills, you only need to think about enjoying your sex. According to our customers, its effects last for 24-48h, so during that period you can have as much sex as you want with your partner with the Forsamax benefits still active.

As mentionned before, Forsamax is a natural enhancer and the perfect solution for all those men who wonder how to prevent premature ejaculation, erection problems, penis size and other sex troubles. These results are made possible as the pill is based only on the best aphrodisiacs, combined in one pill: maca, rhodiola, ginseng and cinnamon.

Maca comes from the Peruvian Andes, it is a well-known plant for its vasodilating properties and improvement of fertility. Rhodiola Rosae (commonly known as Golden Root or Rose Root) is really effective to increase mood and reduce mental strain. Ginseng is a Korean herb famous for its invigorating capabilities not to forget that it also gives extra energy. Cinnamon is one of the oldest natural aphrodisiacs

All these ingredients, blended with the exclusive formula of Forsamax, help men to prevent premature ejaculation. As a consequence, it helps them to last longer in bed.



How does Forsamax work for erectile dysfunction problems and other affections?

Erectile dysfunction can be due to multiple causes, both psychological and physical. In all cases, most of them affect the penis blood supply. The less blood arrives, the harder it is for the penis to become straight, so the man can't have satisfactory sex relationships.

Thanks to the properties of our erectile dysfunction pillsyou get more strength and your sexual desire is increased at the same time that your penis gets irrigated with blood thus achieving strong, large and lasting erections with extra pleasure for you and your partner. With Forsamax you can forget everything about your erectile dysfunction!

Solve Erectile dysfunction

Forsamax Pills are dietetic supplements that help men with erectile dysfunction problems.

With a natural composition of aphrodisiac ingredients such as Rhodiola, Maca, Cinnamon and Ginseng, Forsamax helps men to have more powerful and enduring erections.

With Forsamax Pills, men can enjoy sexual intercourses again, with effects lasting up to 48 hours after having ingested the pills.

  • Provides more vigorous and longer lasting erections
  • The effects obtained by ingesting one pill can last up to 48 hours 
  • It is suitable for all types of ages and conditions
  • Forsamax Pills are compatible with most common medicines
  • Money Back Guarantee of 30 days 

Last Longer in Bed

Forsamax Spray is a topical gel you have to apply on the penis 10 minutes before a sexual activity. With the application of this spray, your ejaculation can be postponed, it is perfect for those men that suffer from premature ejaculations.

With effects that have a duration of 5 hours, men can have sexual intercourses that last longer. Therefore, they get much more satisfaction in bed. This innovative spray is also composed of natural ingredients as Clove, Safflower, Cuttlebone, Schisandra, Chinensis, Asarum, Propylene, Glycol and water.

With Forsamax Spray, men can enjoy sexual intercourses again, as the effects can last up to 5 hours after having applied the spray on the penis.

  • Facilitates the ejaculation delay
  • The effects obtained by applying the spray can last up to 5 hours
  • It is suitable for all kind of ages and conditions
  • Forsamax Spray does not affect the intake of any medicine
  • Money Back Guarantee of 30 days



Forsamax Pills has 100% natural ingredients that create a vasodilator effect at the intimate parts of men and, in combination with its aphrodisiac capabilities, it improves male enhancement leaving erectile dysfunction behind.

The ingredients that we use to produce Forsamax Pills are:


Maca: A native annual or biennial herbaceous plant in the Andes of Peru. Besides food uses, it has properties that increase fertility. In ancient times, Andean people used it to improve their physical and mental abilities.

Avena sativa: It is effective for improving mood and depression. The arena sativa is known for its multivitamin properties that help to regulate high blood pressure and when used in conjunction with other Forsamax components, it effectively increases and regulates male libido.

Green tea leaves: Originating in India, fresh green tea leaves have been since ancient times an aphrodisiac that offers a considerable increase of male libido after ingestion, especially when associated with other Forsamax composing ingredients.

Astragalus: Belonging to the Fabaceae family and Faboideae subfamily, the Astralagus used in Forsamax pills is a potent PDE-5 inhibitor thanks to the icarin, generating even bigger effects.

Grape Seed Extract: Besides having benefits for health namely due to their high concentration in phytochemicals, grape seed extracts are also a good vasodilator and they help to regulate blood pressure.

Panax Ginseng: It is aphrodisiac and has anabolic properties. It stimulates the central nervous system increasing mental activity, attention span and decreasing fatigue. It also protects the body against external aggressions and toxic substances.


All these ingredients have been used by ancient civilizations to solve erectile dysfunction problems and they possess healthy anti-oxidant properties.

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