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Every day Forsamax helps many men who have sex problems: erection problems, premature ejaculation, impotence…thanks to Forsamax and its revolutionary brazilian formula, men can enjoy more vigorous erections and last longer in bed.

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Spencer Wright Forsamax TestimonialsSpencer Wright (Age 35)

"I work as a fireman and as some of you may know my job is very stressful. Our schedules at the station tend to be variable and our hours are long and we are always on the alert so even though we are not at a fire site, we always have an ongoing stress. Therefore, when I did get home, the limited amount of time my wife and I had to enjoy ourselves, well I was tired most of the time. It was very hard for me to have the energy to get intimate with my wife and when we did give it a shot, it was short lived. That being said, I was very doubtful when it came to using sex pills with chemicals to help me out. However, I have found Forsamax on the Internet and accepted to give it a shot only because it is made out of natural ingredients. I tried the pack of 8 pills not to buy too much the first time but also not to have too few. It worked right away. A little natural herbal boost for down there! Definitely a regular now."



Anthony Kemp Forsamax TestimonialsAnthony Kemp (Age 25)

"By nature, I am a very reserved and shy person. No need to further elaborate on how I was with girls at hitting on them, yea you can picture it. So I had met a superhero in my freshman year and we clicked right away. I guess she was the one...Anyways, we got to that moment where we wanted to be more intimate and take it to the next base. I was stressed like there was no tomorrow...What if I could not get it to get up? What if I came even before going in? What if I didn’t last long enough to make her happy? All those questions were jumping in my head! A friend of mine recommended me Forsamax but one thing was that I did not want a box to get to my house with the name Forsamax on or in fact anything that had to do with sex products you know? They assured me that none of that was to be a worry and they were right. I got my shipping on time and it was packaged as promised. Now, what you all waiting for? How it was! It was the product has a soothing effect that makes you calm down (not something I needed right?? (laughters) ). I always take it now and my girl doesn’t even know about it. She just knows I’m great at it and keeps coming back for more. What else could I ask for? Those pills saved my a**!" 



Corey Storey Forsamax TestimonialsCorey Storey (Age 63)

"Who would have thought my wife and I would still have got it 40 years after we’ve said yes to each other down the alley huh? Well, let’s just say that it is a combination of luck and Forsamax. As we say happy wife, happy life! How do you keep your wife happy? Well an old well-done bedroom session can do no harm.,,amongst other things. Now with my age, despite both my wife and I have the desire, it doesn’t work as well as it used to, let’s put it that way. That being said, going to something artificial was not even considered. However, I was willing to try something like Forsamax. My wife’s girlfriend told her that her husband used it and that it worked wonders. He experienced no side effects and that it had spiced it up right for them. We bought the pack(16) and God bless Forsamax! Where have you been all this time? I think I love you more than my wife sometimes (laughters)"



Oscar Davidson Forsamax TestimonialsOscar Davidson (Age 46)

"Everybody says that after the age of 40, a lot of things start going downhill. Well sadly, your sex capacity or endurance, however you wish to call it, is definitely one of them. I have two kids, one boy who is 16 and a 17 year-old girl. Do I need to tell you that they add enough stress to my already stress fulfilled life? My wife and I are separated and so I have them every other weekend with me. However, this is also the only time I have to go “fish in the sea”. I feel insecure when I bring back someone because I have not been back in the game too long ago. Plus, when I bring back a woman, my kids are in the house. They understand however because they are mature. All of this combined gets to me! I needed something to calm me down, give me back my confidence and make me great in bed. I encountered Forsamax one day on the net and decided to see what it was all about. Frankly speaking, it was well beyond my expectations. It acts fairly quick (roughly an hour), you experience no jitters or other side effects and above all it makes you feel great and whoever is in your bed..."


*Results may be different between different people depending on factors such as type of complexion or other variants


Forsamax is in luck! We’ve reached the astonishing amount of 1.000.000 customers satisfied. We want to thank you all for trusting us and for all the positive reviews we receive from you.
Thanks to hard work and the trust of our customers, Forsamax has brought together the highest standards of quality in manufacturing process.
The European health code and the FDA guarantee our product. Our production plant is also ISO9000 certified and is governed by protocols that make Forsamax a food supplement that is 100% safe and effective.